Arsene Wenger: £100m for Paul Pogba

worldsoccerfansite july 2016Arsene Wenger has called Paul Pogba’s who expected £100 million for a transfer to Manchester United “completely crazy.”

Pogba is trying to secure a move from Juventus to United, which will see the player being paid more than £100m including agents fees.

Wenger spoke about the cost for the midfielder by saying: “It is completely crazy if you cannot afford to pay it. If you can afford to pay it you can justify it.

“It is completely crazy if you compare it to normal life. That is for sure. But we live in a world where every activity that is worldwide makes a lot of money.

“Football has become a worldwide competition and that is why clubs can afford to do it. Does it make sense in the way the player can give you that investment back? Nobody ever could calculate.

“Since I am in this sport I always thought the record cannot go higher and I was always wrong. Maybe in a few years it will be 200, 300 [million], who knows.”

The manager has only had one major signing this summer and said that he would like to sign on a forward and a centre back. However, he feels that good players are difficult to find in todays soccer market.

“I buy players that I feel can strengthen our team. Today you have to be very strong inside the club when you are responsible, not just to buy [for the sake of buying],” he said.

“There’s always a wave of opinions. I must say people are better informed today. They know all the players. They tell you always that you should buy but when you ask them who to buy, they become much shorter.