Ramos: Madrid Showed great character

worldsoccerfans2The Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos believed that the team showed character after securing a 2-2 draw against Valencia.

Dani Parejo levelled the game from the penalty at half time. It got tougher when Mateo Kovacic got shown a red card.

At an interview Ramos told Moviestar plus “It’s clearly been a game with a lot of intensity. The team came out for the three points, but due to the circumstances of the game we didn’t get them,”

“We went forward and they equalised at the end, with just a few minutes left. The loss of a player made us work much more, maybe because we knew we were close to victory.

“We came out with great intensity, but they were able to take advantage in the last minute. When you have one player fewer, the physical exertion doubles, there’s more space and the team suffers more.”

“The team has showed the character that people ask of us, that they demand from this crest.”

Ramos credited the 55 year old Madrid coach, Rafael Benitez who has come under recent pressure because Marid was 4 points short of the summit.

“Benitez deserved credit. He is the coach and he will always have the confidence of the players,” he said.

Ramos however criticised the referees stating the following “The referee? I don’t think they want to make mistakes. There were controversial moments. We were told at half-time Bale should have had a penalty,” he added.