Soccer basics: The equipment

Here is a breakdown of the basic equipment required to play a soccer game:


You need a soccer ball and two goals to play a soccer game. There are different sizes of soccer balls and goals, both of which are determined by the age of the players and the level of competition. There is an official table, which specifies which sizes apply to which levels.


The most basic recommendation is for shin guards. It is recommended that every player wears a shin guard to protect against injury. When it comes to soccer shows, players have the choice of shoes or soccer cleats with rubber studs. Once again, the age and level of competition will influence what is allowed. The goalie must wear different colors to the team and is the only player allowed to wear large gloves.


The referee officiates the game and is required to have certain equipment. The referee should have a watch to record the time of the game and a stopwatch for interruptions and offenses. Some referees wear two watches. In addition, he has a whistle, red card, yellow card, and notepad to take notes. There are two linesmen who carry flags to indicate when balls go out of play.

These are the most basic equipment required for a soccer game. Often, at the school level, there will be slight changes to the above that do not match any official standard. This is not a concern until the player joins a league level competition.