The world’s most valuable Soccer teams in 2016

worldsoccerfansiteThanks to increasing payouts as a result of the Champions League, TV rights sales, shirt and gear sponsorship and title sponsors, Soccer clubs are earning more than ever.  UEFA increased the payouts to teams for three cycles starting in 2015-2016 by over 50%. This means that teams Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid who are this year’s finalists will earn over $100 million from the Champions League alone. Here is a list of the team’s earning last cycle. These figures are expected to increase by 50% this season.

Top Champions League Distributions 2014-15

Juventus – $101 million

Barcelona – $69 million

Paris Saint-Germain – $64 million

Real Madrid – $59 million

AS Monaco – $59 million

Bayern Munich – $57 million

AS Roma – $52 million

Manchester City – $52 million

Atletico Madrid – $50 million

Chelsea – $44 million

When it comes to overall value, the 20 most valuable Soccer teams in the world are worth an average of $1.44 billion. Real Madrid is the most valuable team in the world, estimated at $3.675 billion. This is because they have earned more than any other Soccer club in the last 11 years. Right behind Real is Barcelona who are estimated to be worth $3.55 billion. Barcelona is expected to surpass Real in the future when their new $400 million stadium is completed in five years. Third is Manchester United at $3 billion.

Just for the sake of perspective, when looking at all sports teams worldwide, Real Madrid is second to the Dallas Cowboys, who worth $4 billion. To close this out, here is a list of the top sports franchises in the world:

Dallas Cowboys – $4 billion

Real Madrid – $3.65 billion

Barcelona – $3.55 billion

New York Yankees – $3.4 billion

Manchester United – $3.32 billion