Arsenal ready for Burnley

Arsenal will try with all their force to lengthen their winning streak in the Premier League by recording a further win from Burnley this season at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday. Arsene Wenger’s squad gained three point for the first time out of four games when two goals brought by Alexis Sanchez made them victorious at Sunderland last weekend.

These points helped Arsenal to move up the leaderboard to the fifth position, nine points behind current leader Chelsea. Arsenal could forge their way further up to the top four if they manage to score enough against Burnley.

Arsenal has clearly struggled to gain consistency this season but the return of midfield player Jack Wilshere after his suspension could give the team a boost. The midfielder has shown a gain of form after sustaining a series of injuries. The team will also welcome back Theo Walcott who had remained at the bench for a period of 10 months due to a knee injury.

Arsene Wenger is conscious that his squad cannot afford to deepen the gap between Chelsea and them. Former Arsenal midfielder, Robert Pires has expressed opinion that he is confident his previous club could win the championship provided that they work on strengthening their midfield.

While the news of Walcott’s comeback is positive, German player Mesut Ozil could be out for the rest of the season due to his knee injury. Pires has affirmed that what could really bring Arsenal to the championship could be a midfielder with physical attributes similar to that of Patrick Vieira.