Gianni Infantino says that the World Cup will go ahead in Russia

Article Written by : Enjoy Soccer

worldsoccerfansiteThe FIFA president confirmed that the World Cup for 2018 will go ahead in Russia. The president visited the country and insisted that the event will go ahead. He also said that he will ensure that this Wold Cup will be the “best world cup ever”.

Recently Russian sprts has been under investigation for allegations of widespread doping. Apart from this, many Human Rights violations and regional instability have caused concerns on the location of the FIFA event.

Infantino  said  “The World Cup 2018 will take place in Russia of course,”

“This decision has been taken six years ago almost.

“It is now my job as FIFA president, together with [Russian Sports] Minister [Vitaly] Mutko and all the Russian population actually to make sure we deliver the best World Cup ever here in Russia.”

He addressed the doping and meldonium claims by stating “You know there has been a lot of talk about meldonium and doping issues, I would like to say that this in no way affects preparations for the World Cup and will not affect it, there is no doubt about this,”

“Secondly, football – in the last few years we collected over two thousand tests from our footballers and overall there were only three instances of violations. So it is not at all typical in football.”

He addressed the issue of the Panama Papers by saying “I think it has already been clarified quite clearly that this story about these Panama papers was absolutely a non-story because everything was done completely legally, properly, transparently, openly, and this has already been said,”