How to Become a More Prolific Scorer in Soccer

Summary: A dominant striker must rely on his technique and discipline in order to come out with a goal in hand.

Soccer is a game that balances defense and offense. A capable defense may be your ticket to success, but if your team is struggling to score goals, the game isn’t in your favor. Strikers are the primary players that will determine the outcome of the game, which is why some of the most notorious soccer celebrities are either strikers, midfielders, and wingers. As a striker, you’re essentially the star of the team, and must carry out an assortment of offensive strategies to put your team on the board.

Technical Movement

You need to finish what you start. Play with confidence and a solid pace that’s complementary to your play style. As a forward, you need to be able to receive the ball and finish the play with strength. Remember, as an offensive weapon, your first touch could be the deciding factor in the game. If you fail on your first try, the attack will start slowing down and second chances aren’t known to be kindest.

However, don’t be discouraged if you don’t automatically finish the game with four goals. Practice makes perfect, as cliché as it may sound. If you feel you’re not ready, it’s time to pull out the practice equipment and get to work. If you’re looking to purchase new equipment, there are various online stores that sell training equipment and soccer balls with free shipping – you just need to find the right business.

Dribbling and Finishing

As a striker, dribbling is a key component that’ll put you at the forefront of the play. If you’re able to pull multiple players towards you, you’re creating space for another teammate to make a play. Chances are if this happens, the team knows you’re a threat hence why they’re looking to close in on you. Remember, dribbling is more about being a threat than it is to get past your opponent. Sure, it’s flashy and may draw some “oohs and ah’s” at times, but the priority is to get the ball into the goal – and by any means necessary.

Hitting the perfect shot or volley isn’t something that happens easily. Even the best midfielders of all time know that it takes both skill and luck. Giving yourself the chance to hit the best shot lies in your technique, as stated by soccer professionals. Your standing leg should be pointed towards the goal while your toes are pointed at the ground. To maintain balance, keep your arms to your side and kick the top half of the ball to ensure it doesn’t fly into the stands.