Neymar is one of the best players in the World!

I think Neymar he is the best players in the world. Until he was fouled out of this tournament he had a goal per game average for Brazil which is much better than any other striker. At Barcelona he’s not top dog so the team isn’t
designed around him so of course he’s not going to score like Messi. But just watch. He’s tremendously more talented than even a doped up Lionel Messi and can score for club and country, not just for club like Lionel Messi. Just remember our conversation for the 2018 world cup which they will give back to Brazil finally.

Not to mention that Neymar has assisted on quite a number of Brazil’s goals not scored by him in this world cup. He’s a great player all around and Brazil would have surely won the cup if he wasnt fouled out. They tried to get him vs Chile and then succeeded against Colombia to put him in the hospital so Messi can finally live up to his hype as the best player.