Preparing for Pitch Conditions

Written by: Soccer Garage

Soccer, the beautiful game, is played in just about any weather condition. It’s common for games to be played through rain storms, especially in England where sun is really more of a wish than a guarantee. If you happen to play in an area that sees adverse weather conditions, start drilling players now so that they are ready to play in the rain. Here are some tips to help you prepare for unfavorable conditions on the pitch.

Ball Physics

Adverse weather conditions affect the conditions on the pitch itself, and the ball. Expect the ball to be slippery as it gets wetter, which can affect how well the goal keeper can perform. Players should drill in wet conditions if possible, such as after the sprinkler system waters the lawn on your practice field. This way, everyone is prepared for the unexpected slip-ups that can occur on game day. Expect dribbling to be very different with a wet ball, and players may need repeated drilling on ball control in the rain.

Warm Ups

Warm ups will help prevent cold legs and hands from being a problem for the team. Be sure to clothe everyone in soccer apparel like a wind breaker, which keeps players warm and dry during practice. Players also get the chance to test out the pitch conditions when they warm up, so be sure to arrive early and have a few drills prepped for the team to execute. Set a routine if you can, so players aren’t completely in the dark on a rainy day.

Staying Dry

It’s a good idea to carry replica soccer jerseys with you, in case the cold is affecting the players on your team. A goalie, for instance, will stand mostly motionless for a majority of the game. Then, when that player dives for a ball, it’s easy to get soaked in the grass. Having an extra set of clothes will keep players in the game without risking a cold.

Final Thoughts

Soccer replicas are one method of staying dry, but a towel can do the trick too. Keep one handy for your goal keeper especially, as the gloves tend to get slippery when wet. It’s a good idea to get players running around in the rain so they can get their footing. The right kit will go a long way. From there, it’s up to the coach to help mentally prepare the team.