The importance of fitness in soccer

In a professional soccer game, most leagues only allow a total of three substitutions during the normal phase of play. Unless there is an unforeseen injury, that means most players will play the entire 90 minutes plus injury time. Even referees, with all the soccer referee gear, are fit enough to last an entire match. When you have the level of fitness to play an entire match, you will also see several other benefits. Here are three:


When you are one of the bitter players in the squad, with the limit of three substitutions per game, the chances are high that you are more likely to make the squad over someone not as fit as you. At the lower levels, it means you have more time to shine and for scouts to take notice.


Soccer is all about position. Those who excel in the sport are in the right position when they receive the ball and are in the right position when they want to pass. When you want to maintain mental clarity and perform throughout an entire game, your fitness will make the difference. A fit offensive player will run circles around an unfit defender.


Communicating with your teammates is critical to success in any team sport. When you are tired, you tend not to communicate at all. When there is no communication, people might make bad decisions.

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