Typical equipment requires for a beginner soccer player

Written by Soccer Garage

The beginner soccer player is someone who has just started playing soccer and is going for soccer practice at school. Here is a rough guide to the equipment he or she will need:

The first and most important piece of equipment are the shoes. Soccer footwear is not essential for younger kids, but as they grow older, they will need to switch to proper soccer cleats. Very young players can use normal sneakers but will see some benefits from moving to cleats early. Ideally, you want to get more than one pair. Make sure the sizing is correct and that they match the playing surface.

Another important piece of soccer equipment is a soccer ball. There will be plenty of balls at practice, but becoming a better soccer player involves practicing a lot alone, and for that, you will need a soccer ball. Get the same type and size of ball used in practice, so the solo practice efforts translate directly into official practice.

The rest of the gear you will need will vary from school to school. Some schools supply all the uniforms, including game and practice uniforms. Other schools will expect you to get practice kits but will supply the team uniform for official games.

Other basics will be a good bag, extra socks and laces, water bottles and shin guards. The requirements for the extras will depend on the age, but most will require the above.